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      GuangZhou Battsys Co., Ltd(NEEQ: 837375) was founded in 2006,which is a join-stock 
      high-tech enterprise engaging in lithium-ion battery's R & D, production and sales, ownes
      "FULLRIVER" & "BATTSYS" brands.Corporate Culture is Strict Requirements, Constant 
      Perfection,Customer Service and Wealth Creation.


      Battsys has 4 divisions: Polymer Li-ion BU, Cylindrical Li-ion BU, Ultra-thin Li-ion BU and
      Resource-supporting BU, 2 production bases of 40000㎡, and annual production capacity 
      of tens of millions battery cells.


      Products include 3 series: Polymer li-ion battery, Steel cylindrical battery and  Ultra-thin li-ion battery, which are widely used in fields of New tobacco e-cigarette industry, Consumer & medical electronic, AGV, Solar storage system, Oil drilling & exploitation, IOT etc. The products are exported to dozens of countries & regions such as Europe, America and Asia etc.

      • 3 Billion Operation Funds
      • 4 Divisons
      • 2 Production Bases
      • Tens of Millions Annual Capacity
      				Organization Structure
      Polymer & Ultra-thin Li-ion BU
      (Capacity:100,000 pcs/day)
      							 Email:sales@www.greenangelicajakarta.com / sales@fentcell.com
      							 ADD:No.163, Liyu Street, Xili, Dongyong Town, Nansha District, Guangzhou City, China 
      Cylindrical Li-ion BU
      (Capacity:100,000 pcs/day)
      							 ADD:No.10, Standard Industrial Park, Taishi Industrial Zone, Dongyong Town, Nansha District, Guangzhou, China


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