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      Brief Introduction

      Ultra-thin Li-ion battery project started at 2013, and BU was set up in Jan. 2017. Which mainly develop ultra-thin li-ion battery ,new & main materials, manufacturing and key technology of ultra-thin, flexible, high power li-ion battery that applying to IOT and smart cards.

      Ultra-thin Li-ion BU currently mainly produce rechargeable li-ion & Non-rechargeable LiMnO2 battery that thickness is under 3mm.

      Core Advantage
      Ultra-thin Rechargeble Conventional Battery Charcteristic

      Ultra-thin:Min. thickness to 0.4mm

      Excellent performance: High energy density, long cycles, can package under high temperature120℃ ; and can withstand high

      temperature impact under 150℃ for 30s,battery does not fail; good discharge performance under –20~0℃ low temperature; .

      Ultra-thin Rechargebale High-hardness Battery Charcteristic

      Use high-hardness and composite film , and increase hardness and strength of outer package, which improve soft package, depression and unevenness;

      High voltage and large capacity, which can restrain volume expansion during cycle life ,relieve aging and prevent safety risks such as explosion;

      Adapt to working voltage of different IC, can be customized.

      Non-rechargeable LiMnO2 Battery Characteristic:   

      High voltage and specific energy, cell rated voltage is 3.0V

      Wide working temperature range, can work at -30℃~70℃ and storage at -40℃~75℃;

      Long storage life, cell discharge rate not exceed 2% under normal temperature annually.

      Product Series


      IOT: Smart card、Active RFID、Temperature stickers、Anti-lost label & tracking card
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