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      Research and development course







      ①15000 cycles safe & quick-charge 3.7V Li-ion battery;
      ②60℃ high temp. long cycle Li- ion battery( applied in solar storage );
      ③Mass production of 2C quick-charge AGV battery module.
      ①3min quick charge 3.7V  battery, with 8000cycles long life;
      ②Low temp and 25000cycles long life li-ion battery;
      ③ Highly safe battery for UAV;
      ④ 100C discharge lithium-ion batteries with high power capability.
      ① 15000cycles long life quick charge battery; 
      ② Capacity battery with 4.4V high voltage;
      ③ High rate battery with 4.35V high voltage;   
      ④ 10 min. quick-charge and highly safe polymer batteries.
      2015 : 100℃ high temp. li-ion battery;
      2014 : 8000cycles long life li-ion battery.
      2013 : 0.4mm ultra-thin metal foil li-ion battery.
      2012 : Airborne aging technology;
      2011 : Arc battery;
      2010 : 3min quick charge li-ion battery.
      2009 : 0.5mm ultra-thin li-ion battery;
      2008 : 85 ℃ high temp. storage li-ion battery ;
      2007:6min quick charge li-ion battery;
      2006:① 10~30C discharge li-ion battery;
                 ② Safe & high rate li-ion battery.
      Company patent
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